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A warm welcome to Healing Circle Retreats , Algarve Portugal.

Whether this be an  individual /group retreat or sacred sites tour , Healing Circle Retreats offers you the possibility to dive deep into your personal healing , connect with yourself, and explore your multidimensional being for a new earth consciousness.

  • We work with individuals, groups, parents and children of all ages:

  • Medicine Wheel Retreat - Personal healing (individual/small group)

  • New Earth Retreat - A Rainbow bridge for star-children  of all ages

  • Sacred Sites Tours -  The sacred earth connection (small group)

Our purpose is to bring healing to the circle of life, knowing that we are all interconnected and that our divine inner being can flow freely in our earthly expression

as an integral part of our daily life.

Our vision is to create a sacred energetic space that bridges the old paradigm

with a new earth consciousness.

Our dream is to live our divine connection and manifest a way of life that is true

to the Earth and our Higher Self.

Medicine Wheel Retreat, Algarve Portugal

Medicine Wheel Retreat

Come and experience our team of healers who combine a variety of healing treatments for a more holistic view of health.

Connecting you to your higher self, life purpose and multidimensional connection. 

New Earth Retreat, Algarve Portugal

New Earth Retreat

Come and cross the rainbow bridge

for a new earth consciousness with star-children of all ages.

Where the creative arts meet alternative education, planetary healing and a better understanding of our hidden gifts and talents from our multidimensional selves.

Sacred Sites Tours, Algarve Portugal

 Sacred Sites Tours

Visit ancient sacred heritage sites

 throughout the country with our 9 seater bus. Revive our planets sacred past with sound journeys, meditation and guided energy work for planetary healing and multidimensional alignment.

About us

                       Oliver Ramos


I imagine our collective consciousness and human soul journey to be a path of awakening. 

Manifesting dreams and co-creating this reality are my true inspiration.

I choose a reality where my love is reflected in the choices I make and the life I wish to live in balance with nature and the natural rhythms of the Earth.

My hope is to find others that are true to the Earth and who wish to live their higher presence

and soul purpose  in co-creation, joy, abundance

and unconditional love. 

In this rainbow reality my natural gifts are to play, sing, dance and bring a sense of creativity into life.

I am very connected to starchildren, the rainbow family and angelic beings. My wish is to create an energetic space where our sacred connection is present for a new earth consciousness. 

With the inner space we create in ourselves we can awaken to a new reality that can sing our dreams into manifestation for the benefit of all living beings.

We very often forget how to play, to be innocent and vulnerable, to accept and transform that voice deep inside, that calls us home to the child within.

                                   Willemijn van Olphen


The enchanting surroundings and magical nature of Portugal in combination with finding my soul family have been the  ingredients for an inspiring, intense, personal , inner journey, which all started around 1998. 


One of the simple truth this journey revealed is that my own true nature is in alignment / is one, with nature, with the animals, the earth and the universe and therefor this connection has always been there and always be there - to nourish me, to teach me, to love me and to show me the way! 


This re-connection with my soul essence, has helped me to uncover a lot of my built up protection layers.


This has given me the experience and the understanding of the psychology behind old patterns and beliefs which we have built up through many lifetimes.


In this process then also come to the forth, the strength, gifts and passions we have learnt in other lives on this planet and on others ,which we can now start to rediscover and work with.

In being who we truly are we find the love, bliss and respect that we all are in essence,. 


My strongly  developed empathy and intuition, make it possible to feel and connect on a deep emotional and psychological level.

I can connect you with your past  and parallel lives, where your strength and traumas are hidden, to help you discover the truth beyond your suffering.

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You are more than welcome to book individual treatments and therapies with us at any time for those of you who are situated in the Algarve.

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