Willemijn van Olphen  (founder - partner)


Dreaming of a peaceful, fulfilling life, a peaceful and beautiful and respected earth and all it´s living beings is a common dream, i imagine.

Maybe not every body is aware of this desire, as many are captured by the society and it´s norms of prestige and money.

I have been very lucky to grow up in a beautiful area of the Netherlands where I could connect with nature through horseriding.

The dunes,  the beach, the forests, exploring from dusk to dawn, having new adventures everytime.

As a young kid (being a tom boy) I have always loved to be outside, climbing trees, making huts, just running around, playing, creating, discovering. I have so many good memories of that time. 

I suppose looking back on it, life made sense to me then by being so close, so connected with nature.

The more society started to put  it´s demands on my life, by the school system, the pressure of what to do, to study, ´to earn a living`....

I started to get lost in translation, my being had great dificulty relating to all these, in my eyes, crazy ideas of what was the societies normality. Life started to make less and less sense to me. I was able to survive, on the outskirts of society.


Trying many different studies, I started to find my way back to myself, connected with creativity. First by attending the photogaphy school and after having a small photography company. In that time I was living on a lovely house boat in the centre of Amsterdam, which I started to decorate myself with inbuild cupboards and high build beds to have storage underneath etc. This brought me to my next passion, making decorative artifacts from mostly recycled materials. ( beds, cupboards, lamps, room deviders, chairs, tables, mosaics and decoration objects) 

Also my interest in spirituality, exploring the meaning of life and myself, reading in between the lines of life, became a bigger and bigger part of my journey on the side line, still. But it made true that I connected more and more with like minded people, which gave me the soothing thought that I was not the only one on this path.  

After living 12 years in Amsterdam, I moved to a small village on the Amstel. It was an old laundry factory and I converted it togther with the owner in a living area and a big atelier area. It was super spacious and a really interesting project to do. My longing to be more in nature was a bit more satisfied, but Holland being Holland it was still to many fences, to many restrictions of where you could wonder of in nature.


So the next step in realizing this dream of living a more connected life with nature became Portugal. In the Alto Alentejo to be precise.


This was the best step I could have ever made in my life and truly meant to be.  

The enchanting surroundings and magical nature of Portugal in combination with finding my soul family have been the  ingredients for an inspiring, intense, personal , inner journey, which all started around 1998. 


The so simple truth this amazing, wonderful, intense journey revealed is that my own true nature is one with nature, with all that is, with the animals, the earth and the universe and therefor this connection has always been there , only through the noise of my mind, the must´s and the how´s, I had forgotten this, I could not hear or experience it......


This re-connection with the essence of life, has helped me to reveal & uncover a lot of my built up protection layers, projections etc.

This has given me the experience and the understanding of the psychology behind old patterns and beliefs which we have built up in this life time and through many lifetimes.

With this work other parallel life times also come easily to the forth by connecting with emotional triggers (positive & negative) to put these triggers under ´a magnifiyng glas`, we can travel in the outskirts of our inner universe. Find treasures of all sorts for us to surprise and enrich ourselves with.


Because in this uncovering process it also became clear, that under all the baggage we have gathered, (knowledge, protection layers etc)  our true strength, gifts and passions (we have from other life experiences on this earth and on other places in the universe) , are laying dorment to be rediscovered and work with. 

I found out for example, among many other things, that I am super sensitive, empathic and intuitive very strong. Which took me a long time still to master properly to be able to work with it.

The personal  development work i have done, make it possible to feel and connect on a deep emotional and psychological level to help other people now to reach their deeper layers and find the way to them selves beyond the norm and famous comfort zone.


With Healing Circle Retreats my aim is to reach people in their heart, to connect them back to a meaningful way in and of life, which is connected with their authentic being. 

My dream is to do this with a circle of people who all have their unique way of healing to share with you. In this way all the spectrum of your being can be recognized and seen as we all resonate with different types of people and healing. 

In the section treatments you can read about all the different healings and treatments we can offer through Healing Circle Retreats.

Life is a ungoing adventure, a discovery journey of our inner and outer world , to find  a balance between the two. 


I am welcoming you to join us on an intense, deep and wonderful journey, where we will reach this place where we already are all along. Where love and joy thrive!.I am looking forward to meet you!


Katharina Vreydenberger (partner)


Born in the Netherlands, I early on in my childhood, discovered my sensitivity and intuition for energy fields of all different dimensions.

Through out the years I found my teachers in Europe and South America and also spent some time in Brasil where I studied various healing methods of the indigenous people.

Living in Germany for most of my life, I have been giving many works shops, seminars, personal healing sessions for 25 years.

I also started to work togther with medical practicioners, they came to my seminars to learn about energy healing. And they would sent patients to me, to look deeper into the origin of the patients disease and to help with energy work.

Scientists have conducted research on me to test my special abilities., with the Neurofeedback method, which concluded that I am in a deep state of meditation and in the same time in a very alert state, when I do my work.

Since 2017 I live in the Algarve and support spiritual interested people.

I give seminars, group healing as well individual sessions, to help physical problems and burdening life situations.


  • Naturopaths

  • Channeling

  • Family Constellation

  • Quantum-healing, two point method (Dr. Bartlett)

  • Kinesiologie

Oliver Ramos  (co-founder, not an active partner in this moment)


I imagine our collective consciousness and human soul journey to be a path of awakening. 

Manifesting dreams and co-creating this reality are my true inspiration.

I choose a reality where my love is reflected in the choices I make and the life I wish to live in balance with nature and the natural rhythms of the Earth.

My hope is to find others that are true to the Earth and who wish to live their higher presence

and soul purpose  in co-creation, joy, abundance

and unconditional love. 

In this rainbow reality my natural gifts are to play, sing, dance and bring a sense of creativity into life.

I am very connected to starchildren, the rainbow family and angelic beings. My wish is to create an energetic space where our sacred connection is present for a new earth consciousness. 

With the inner space we create in ourselves we can awaken to a new reality that can sing our dreams into manifestation for the benefit of all living beings.

We very often forget how to play, to be innocent and vulnerable, to accept and transform that voice deep inside, that calls us home to the child within.

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