Healing Circle Eco-Village


The Healing Circle Eco-Village is a collective initiative to co-create a sustainable village for all generations to enjoy. 

The inspiration comes from the wish to make the full circle, where all people can work together in their healing in a sustainable environment. The ethos is based upon new holistic ways of living with nature and has many facets to serving the greater community.

Please contact us for more details.

Robin Hood and the Wishing Well


Instead of Robin Hood stealing from the rich and

giving to the poor our Robin Hood fills your well with

dreams you have always wished would come true.

The Wishing Well offers you the opportunity to put your dreams and wishes posted on our site and have someone else grant them for you.

All it takes is to open up to one another and keep an open heart to sharing and fulfilling each other’s dreams.


Send us an email with your wish and we will post it on-line:

May your wish come true - from us to you!

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