Medicine Wheel Retreat


The Medicine Wheel Individual  Retreat is perfect when you feel the need to give yourself some well needed attention. A time to truly unwind, uncover and discover  yourself in full. Through inner silence, reflection, one to one conversations, healing and self-revealing sessions, Individual Retreats can offer you a real opportunity to go deeper and bring more of the real you into your life.

In a short period of time, we bring you into a profound awareness of your psychological and emotional patterns, your physical health, inner strengths and  challenges. 

New Earth Retreats


At our New Earth Retreat we serve as a rainbow bridge for Starchildren of all ages to reconnect with their higher purpose, share with each other and awaken new ways of living, for inner healing and a vision of a New Earth. We believe every one of us is an essential part of the bigger picture and carries unique information to contribute to the manifestation of a New Earth Consciousness. We serve as a bridge for families and individuals to reconnect with their higher purpose, share with each other and awaken new ways of living. We give intuitive sessions, group guided meditations, sound journeys  and the expressive arts as a way to go deep into ourselves and restore our connection with the earth - bringing back the memory of our multidimensional self.

Sacred Sites Tours


Hop on board our Sacred Sites Tours where we take you to some of Portugal's most fascinating ancient sites in connection with the many layers of our past and hidden knowledge of our planet. We offer you an all inclusive tour of neolithic sites from menhirs to dolmens, natural parks and sacred Roman and Knights Templar monuments all across Portugal. We venture out and make a tour to some of Portugal`s most hidden gems. We offer a range of different activities such as guided meditations, healing treatments and sound journeys.

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