"Your tours were very professional and catered to the group as needed.  I especially loved that you took us to places outside of the tourist norm.  One of my fondest memories is of the trip to the healing spring and eating fresh oranges outside in the sun.


You provided a variety of experiences for us, that covered a range of activities for different skill levels (i.e. hiking).  Johnnie's Sound Journey was a highlight, as was the day trip into Silves.  


You took care of everything for us--from transportation to activities to letting us know the agenda.  The locations were fabulous and I feel that I got to see more in Portugal than I would have otherwise.  The cost of the trips was very reasonable considering the level of joy they provided!"

(Laurie - Canada)


"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to discover true nature around Monchique.  We had an unforgettable trip to the mountains crossing the river by foot. Thank you for the chance to see the Atlantic ocean and amazing beaches with natural pools and grottoes in ocean cliffs. Special thank you for a massage session. You are one of the best massage professionals I've ever met. I hope to have it again in a nearest future."

(Victoria - Canada) 

"Profound and heart felt experience, retreats created with love, care, intuition and attention!!! I wanted to spend time in nature whilst making new connections with people and learning new things! The results have exceeded my expectations offering me lovely friendships, breath taking nature, inner healing and illuminations!! Thank you Healing Circle Retreats and a special thank you at Will with whom i mostly passed those days! :) :) See you all again in August!!! "

(Victoria - Italy / True Nature Retreat)

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Healing Circle Retreats - Algarve Portugal