Our aim with our treatments is to give you the best holistic diagnosis of your overall health and inner well being.

We aspire to get to the core of your health issues and assist you in bringing back awareness and flow into your energy body.

We give you the necessary tools to reconnect your health and happiness in your daily life, offering a wide variety of treatments at Healing Circle Retreats.

Healing Circle Treatments


Full Body Deep Relaxation Massage,

Acu-pressure, Chakra, Meridian Massage & Energy Healing.

Energy Healing: 

Magnetic Healing Hands Treatment

Emphatic Readings (connecting with traumas, past life experiences, your inner strengths & gifts)

Energy Massage Therapy & Magnetism
Deep energy healing, hands on magnetism, emotional, psychological insights and releases


Truth Seekers Counselling

Holistic Counselling

Emphatic One to One Counselling 
Exploring your (un)conscious self from the moment you were born in this life to the connection between your present life & your
parallel lives, multi dimensional being & life purpose


Holistic Therapy:

Ortho molecular



Sound Journeys:

The Starchildren Sound healing (Songs for a new earth, singing bowls, shamanic chanting, discovering your inner voice)

Exploring your Creative Inspiration and Expression:

A creative healing journey to help you explore your inner child

Treatments across the region


Homeopathic and holistic treatments:

A diagnosis of all your organs, endocrine system, 

meridians and chakras. A homeopathic holistic approach to inner well being.


Chinese Traditional Medicine:

A diagnosis of the physical body and the energy body with different healing techniques, like acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Physiospect:

Diagnosis and treatment with the Tesla method. Body scanning and copper coile frequency techinque.


Natural horsemanship:

An excellent way to learn about yourself in reflection and connection wit horses and archery



The magical world of the stars and planets

Channeling and Healing:

With angels and ascended masters

Spiritual healing, Mantras, Meditation
Healing through Plants:
Healing herbal medicine through a deep connection with the world of plants and trees

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